Welcome on board ! What is "How Do You Spell It ?"

It is a free online english spoken letters and digits recognition tool.

"You send us an audio file containing spoken letter or spoken digits, in english alphabet, and we will answer with our deductive neural network the way how do you spell It"
- http://howdoyouspell.it is a kind of SaaS (sofware as a service) that perform audio file analysis and render how do you can spell it ! This application is based on Ruby langage, with Sinatra framework. Behind the scene, there is an artificial intelligence through neural networks that will try to predict the correct number of components in the file you will upload, and try to recognize each component.

- This application only works with english spoken letters and spoken digits (that may be evolutive in the future but actually, another langages are not supported). It is speaker-independant, understanding that this application recognize letter and digit whatever the speaker, indistinctly if it is a woman or a man that spells letter and digit.

- This free service is provided as it, without any warranty of any kind. Please check the Terms Of Services page for more details.

- If you want to support us, you can make a donation in the dedicated page.
- The paper section will also contain a scientific description of the process used in this software.

- Go to the FAQ if you need help.